Vote 1 Eli Melky Councillor

The decision to stand is based on the fact that there is a great deal of work to be done at Council level and I feel I can definitely continue to contribute in a meaningful and positive way.

Over the past 6 years I have established a proven track record in the key areas of Finance, Environment and on the Safety and Promotion of our Town.

On Finance

  • I worked hard to successful bring Finance discussion out of Confidential,
  • Council became Debt Free and
  • Saved thousands of dollars in interest payments by pushing to payout the Civic Centre Loan early
  • Supported the lowest rate rise
  • Contributed to prudent management of Council finances

On the Environment

  • Chair of Environment Advisory Committee two years
  • I was a strong voice against Fracking,
  • Supported a Climate Action plan to be included as part of our Municipal Plan
  • Support the push to introduce curb side recycling
  • Stream line our Waste Management Facility operations with a view to reduce fees
  • Supported solar energy investment in Alice Springs Town Council facilities

On the Issue of Safety

  • I have been vocal when it comes to the safety of our Community
  • Working through Council I have raised Community concerns to push the Northern Territory Government both past and current to address the issues of anti-social behaviour.
  • I will continue to be on the front foot in developing a sound sustainable strategy to address youth out on the streets late at night.

On the Promotion and Economic Development of the Town

  • I have long advocated for a second airline to help reduce the costs of flights into and out of Alice
  • I am a big supporter of bringing back international flights direct to Alice Springs and not the Rock
  • Develop solar economic opportunities
  • Maintain and Improve Sport facilities
  • Develop a Sports Precinct with a multi sports facility as the jewel in the crown
  • Develop Sport tourism and attract the nation’s sports people to come,  play and train here
  • Keep pushing for lower fuel costs
  • Lower prices on grocery and better quality fruit is essential to our town
  • Push to develop our town’s agriculture industry opportunity
  • Increase our population growth
  • Council to be more proactive on developing economic opportunities with third parties including private business and Government

The Alice is my home, it is where my wife and family were born and raised, not only do I love this Town, but I consider it my honour and duty to represent this community.  I will do all I can to help improve Alice Springs no matter how difficult the situation becomes. 

I continue to be heavily involved in Community service, recently organising the Bangtail Muster through Rotary, supporting local athletics as program director for the club, Radio host of the Alice Sports News show on Sun 969 past 5 years and sponsoring many sporting organisations around the Town.

It is my hope to be re-elected as Councillor and continue to stand up and advocate on behalf of Alice Springs community to all, including Northern Territory and when necessary the Federal Government, for a safe and prosperous Town.   

We all deserve to live in hope
Thank you for your interest.

Eli Melky
Candidate for Councillor
Alice Springs Town Council 2017

My Vision for Alice Springs

  1. EliMelky-PortraitColourYouth Employment Initiative: Developing a Feral Animal Management Plan:
    Today’s environment in Central Australia provides few incentives for adolescent youth to be employed in an industry that would help shape the rest of their lives in a positive way.I plan to establish a youth employment initiative based on developing a feral animal management business model with a view to harvesting the meat, skin, and manure and create and support a demand from local, national and international markets for the product.  Damage to the environment by the oversupply of feral animals in Central Australia’s outback region is increasing.

    Government should commit to establishing the industry with a view to gain a return on investment and becomes self-sustainable within 5 years.

    This plan provides jobs and creating an industry that benefits the development of local youth who would have otherwise been left stranded in their current situation.

  2. 10,000 People in 10 Years for Alice
    This will drive economy more people more opportunities.Growing the Alice Springs economy will be dependent on population growth. I aim to increase our population over the next ten years by up to 10000 people.To attract new people to the town and to keep them here, we must create an environment that offers job opportunity, quality of life including low cost of living, excellent health services, national standard education services, safe and  family friendly town.

    Establish a sports tourism product that focuses on attracting small to medium size national sporting events to the town. By having small to medium size events up to 4 or 5 per month, the Town infrastructure can support an increase of up to 2000 additional sporting competitors and supporters on a monthly basis.
    This would create jobs and feed in to the local economy.

    1. a) Build a national standard University to cater for up to 1500 students. This would ensure that our own home grown students did not have to leave the town and seek to further their education elsewhere.
    2. b) Support migrants to continue to build our strong multicultural population from all around the world.  Alice Spring already attracts multi-cultural residents to call this town home.  We need to further develop this program and attract more.
    3. c) Re-introduce an incentive to buy a home with a stamp duty rebate for those who do not qualify for a FHOG.
    4. d) Build an Aged Care facility and a retirement home precinct so our retirees stay in the town.
    5. e) Provide an incentive for local youth to come back and live in Alice with a 1st up grant to come and work in Alice Springs in the area of education, medical, government.
    6. f) Provide a startup small business grant for locals to establish their business in the town.
    7. g) Relocate the International airport to Alice Springs. This alone would revive the tourism industry, create jobs, and boost our population and economy.
  3. Municipal grant over 4 years for curbside recycling plan for Alice Springs
    Governments to provide a municipal grant to establish the first Alice Springs curbside pickup recycling service.
  4. Solar Plan for Alice Region Lead the World
    Government to establishing an Alice City Solar plan and develop a world class standard in renewable energy consumption and infrastructure.Every home, every business, every school, every government building to install and use solar power as part of a plan to integrate renewable energy and becoming less reliant on fossil fuel technology.

    Government will invite and establish partnerships with key stake holders including Federal and Local Government, business and the community to share in the development of this plan.  A target amount will be required to help ensure this plan will be sustainable long into the future.  The money will be raised in cooperation and joint ventures with all stake holders including community, private enterprise, Federal and Local Government.

  5. Multi-Sport Facility Precinct Alice Sports Tourism
    Alice Springs is blessed with a great climate and the natural environment surround making it ideal to play sport all year-round. Government to develop a Multi-Sport precinct in Alice Springs where many sports are in one easy to access location.

    This plan is aimed at supporting the development of a sports tourism opportunity where we can attract national events to the town to play in one easy to access location.

    By sharing the use of sporting venues with similar sports, the smaller sports will benefit from having world class sporting facility and will be able fund the ongoing operational costs.  This will boost our economy and attract world class athletes to the town which will put us on the social media map.

  6. Establish a new Territory Insurance Company (TI Co) to replace the previous Territory Insurance Office TIO which was sold off.
  7. We need to provide flood cover at an affordable cost which is essential for home owners in the Alice Springs and Katherine regions.
  8. Planning Policy:  establish local government planning department and Return planning powers back to local government.  Locals know better about their own municipality.
  9. Traffic management Plan: reduce clutter on CBD roads, introduce one-way traffic where possible, increase parking spaces with angle parking.
  10. Cycling Policy:  introduce cycling paths around Alice CBD

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