Vote 1  Eli Melky for mayor

Vote 1  Eli Melky for mayor

Eli Melky for Mayor of Alice Springs

My vision

At the upcoming Alice Springs Town Council election scheduled for 28th August 2021, I will stand for the position of MAYOR.

The next four years will be crucial for our town, it will be a time where we must find our way through the toughest times, possibly in our history.

This year Council celebrated its 50th year anniversary and as we work towards electing our 14th Council and Mayor, it is time to look forward to a new beginning, a fresh start and a safe Alice.

My vision is to get us back to a time of safe community living, where we can go shopping, dine out, go to the movies without fear, a time without intruders in our homes while we sleep, our cars taken without permission and businesses and shops damaged senselessly.  

To get back to that time where we can enjoy an outback lifestyle in one of the most iconic towns in Australia, “a town like Alice” safely.  We need to work together and repair the division that has plagued our community.

I will make it my responsibility  and priority to ensure all new and experienced elected members to the 14th council, work together for the best interest of our town and removing the divisions that has hindered the past 3 councils that I have been in.


As the Mayor of Alice Springs, it will be my sole mission to unite our community and together move forward and face off the challenges of crime and antisocial behaviour that make us feel unsafe.

The time for unrestrained and out of control crime must come to an end, the time for prosperity and safety must start now.

My experience over ten years as a Councillor with a strong track record in financial management and of standing up for Alice Springs, will be key attributes I bring to ensure our Council has a bright future and a safe Town. I have been consistent in my representation, relentless and persistent in making sure the best interests of our Town and community are heard and upheld.

I have a plan to overcome the challenges ahead and guide our town through not only the tough economic challenges brought on by this Pandemic, but to stop the unacceptable level of crime that consumes our community.

Eli Melky - Alice Springs Town Council Candidate for Mayor


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Eli Melky for Mayor of Alice Springs